It’s getting scary for Levski’s ultras, they beat policemen!

The district prosecutor’s office in Burgas has opened a pre-trial proceeding for causing bodily harm due to hooliganism and is investigating the actions of Levski’s last agitator – “Sofia Zapad”, reported Flagman. The administrative head of RP-Burgas, Ivan Kirkov, confirmed the information and specified that a technical expertise was assigned to the case, which would indisputably establish the identity of the bravest beaters from the video filmed in the Sozopol discotheque.

Terrible melee in Sozopol! Football ultras fight with police officers VIDEO 18+

According to Flagman’s information, the investigators already know by name the entire campaign that attacked the policemen from RU-Sozopol. Some of them turn out to be criminals with multiple registrations.

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Many witnesses were questioned in the case. After the completion of the examinations, the culprits will be brought before the court.

As it has already become clear, representatives of “Levski Sofia Zapad” created an unprecedented action in Sozopol, after some of the ultras attacked civilian policemen for no reason.

The leftists first created the action in Sozopol, and then the percussion group was also noticed in a hit disco in Sunny Beach, where, however, the security was quite serious and they were tame.