It’s heartbreaking what happens to these trucks

Renault Trucks has decided to take sustainability to the next level and further reduce its ecological footprint. Nowadays, everyone thinks about reducing the energy consumption of factories, but this is not what we are talking about now. The French manufacturer decided to set up a truck dismantling plant so that the parts that can still be used can be recycled. Thanks to this, fewer parts will need to be manufactured in the future, but what is even more important is that the manufacturer guarantees them in the same way, so operators do not have to worry about the warranty.

The truck dismantling plant was established on the premises of the factory located in Lyon-Vénissieux, France. The three thousand square meter facility was built as close to the logistics center as possible. It is obviously not by chance, because the goal is to quickly return the dismantled and usable parts back into circulation.

At Renault Trucks, most parts are designed for a mileage of at least 1.5 million kilometers, so they have plenty of spare parts. Regardless, the specialists of the French manufacturer thoroughly inspect the parts, paying particular attention to important components such as the engine, transmission, cab, fuel tank, bumper, or headlights. If these are in good condition, they will be labeled “reusable”, but the serviced parts will not be wasted either.

Pieces that have reached the end of their life cycle are recycled. Pieces of steel and iron, for example, are cut up and sent to a nearby foundry. The metals extracted from the parts can thus be used for the production of new vehicles. Main units and parts designated for reuse are checked, cleaned and labeled. After that, they are sent to the used parts warehouse of Renault Trucks, so that they can then be sold to the operators.

According to Renault Trucks, dismantled and reusable parts can be 50-60 percent cheaper than new ones. In other words, truck owners can do better with them than with brand new examples. It is interesting that the company also deals with the tuning of used saddles and trucks. Thanks to this, future buyers can get vehicles in like-new condition. There are also ones that are guaranteed for one million kilometers.