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Marek Kondrat 2 years ago became a father for the third time. Helena’s daughter changed his life completely. The 69-year-old actor finally has time to completely devote himself to the role of father.

Marek Kondrat i Antonina Turnau they got married 5 years ago and their wedding decision caused a lot of confusion in show business. All mainly because the spouses are 38 years apart. The ceremony, to which only the closest family and friends were invited, took place in Krakow. In March 2018, Grzegorz Turnau’s daughter and her husband welcomed their first child together.

Shortly after, when the spouses found out about the pregnancy, they moved to France to raise their daughter away from the flashlight. After some time, the happy grandfather Grzegorz Turnau betrayed the sex of the child in an interview with the magazine Beauty of life. Although at the beginning the vision of late paternity did not seem like a good idea to the actor, when little Helenka appeared in the world, he completely lost his head.

Marek Kondrat about his daughter

Marek Kondrat already has two adult sons. However, when the boys were small he did not have time to participate in their growing up and many important things escaped his attention.

I did not observe their growth and maturation in such an intense way as I do at the moment – he confessed to Tygodnik Powszechny.

It’s completely different for his daughter. The girl appeared in the world at such a time when the actor can afford a lot of free time. The 69-year-old cinema star and his wife devote every moment to Helence, and the happy dad participates in her upbringing with all his might.

I am a happy person, I am at a good moment in my life. I have wonderful close people that I love to be with, and my little daughter I dreamed about all my life. I am glad that I have it when I have time for it – he revealed in an interview.

The greatest joy will be made by my newly-baked dad, walking together, during which he can show the whole world to the two-year-old. The girl, like every toddler, is curious about what surrounds her, and she has given special interest to plants.

I like terribly when he pulls me out for a walk and when he runs to his favorite plants, because I also passionately like to see them. We’re talking about flowers that grow, we touch lavender and rub it in your hand to smell it. I just love her reactions – he said in conversation.

Late fatherhood is a real challenge, but after the words of Marek Kondrat we can conclude that he is experiencing a second youth alongside his daughter.

Marek Kondrat with his daughter

Marek Kondrat with his daughter

Marek Kondrat and Antonina Turnau at the opening of BARaWINO in Warsaw

Marek Kondrat and Antonina Turnau at the opening of BARaWINO in Warsaw

Marek Kondrat with father-in-law - Grzegorz Turnau

Marek Kondrat with father-in-law – Grzegorz Turnau

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