It’s HORRIBLE that he admits to being witched, finally revealed Iqlima Kim’s mysterious disease, like the living corpse – After being excited about admitting being harassed by Hotman Paris’ lawyer, Iqlima Kim is now talking about his illness.

The former personal assistant or aspri Hotman Paris suddenly admitted that he had a terrible disease recently.

In fact, Iqlima Kim admitted to vomiting maggots.

What really happened to Iqlima Kim?

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After talking about Hotman Paris, Iqlima Kim seemed to have disappeared.

Now, Iqlima Kim is back active on Instagram.

Recently, Iqlima Kim revealed his health condition last week.

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Quoted by from TribunStyle, Iqlima Kim admitted that he was sick.

According to Iqlima Kim, it is not a common illness, Iqlima suspects that he was sent a spell.

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It starts when the waist hurts and continues to chills.