It’s no wonder, this is the greatness of the early generation of Fortuner Diesel, the target of the off-roaders – There are still many who don’t know that the first generation Toyota Fortuner is being hunted by many off-roaders today.

Not only because it has a dashing appearance and has the frills of a diesel SUV, there are other reasons why off-roaders like this one car.

For your information, the Fortuner is the first medium SUV product launched by PT Toyota-Astra Motor as Toyota’s ATPM in Indonesia.

This SUV is part of the IMV project with the Kijang Innova and Hilux Vigo.

In 2005, the Toyota Fortuner was officially released in Indonesia. He was imported directly from the land of the White Elephant, Thailand.

Consists of three variants, namely G, G Lux and V 4×4. All variants carry a 2,694 cc 4-cylinder engine with the code 2TR-FE 4-speed automatic transmission.

In 2007, the latest variant of the Fortuner was launched. This unit carries a 2,500 cc D-4D 4-cylinder diesel engine coded 2KD-FTV which is the same as that of the Toyota Kijang Innova Diesel.

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back to the reason why it is the target, this SUV is indeed ‘stubborn’, cheap maintenance, economical diesel and can drink ‘goceng’ diesel (regular diesel, ed.).

“I chose the 2013 Fortuner, because this car is very reliable for daily use in my opinion and for long trips,” said Aditya Widiutomo, an off-roader who uses the Fortuner G Diesel 4×2.

Besides being cheap, according to him, the Fortuner 2KD-FTV engine is still very badass and not fussy with bad diesel.

“I still use diesel ‘goceng’ every day. That’s even though the engine has been tuned a little so that the power is more fierce, he he he,” laughed Adit, who redeemed Fortuner a few months ago for Rp. 240 million.