It’s not easy! Frank Phakchanok is a child of Rak Khun Boy. Reveals how to break through harsh curse words Worst presenter (with clip)

Called as a skilled MC of Chong Wan for Frank Phakchon Voonsri who today will tell about life since the beginning of the industry since running away from home Had to sleep at the bus stop living a nomadic life starve until he came to start working in Channel One and develop himself until he became a host So many people think that it’s a child who loves you boy. Repeatedly came across a post criticized as the worst MC. as well as telling the story of his wife’s life after marriage In addition, the second near death when traveling to fix the top. Every issue, every story on the list. Hot Talk Show On Channel 31 with PK Piyawat, Sin Sae as one and Chompoo before afternoon as the host of the program

Frank Phakchanok is a child of Rak Khun Boy. Reveals how to break through harsh curse words The worst presenter

Enter the industry by amateur theater?
Frank : Yes, Khun Boy, you can. You can. Just get it. Very lucky to have. Thousands of people can come and cast, probably about 30 people. At that time, there was also an onboarding. At first we were actors in the university club. I want to know how real professionals do it.

Move out of the house at all?
Frank : When he started to know his own way of life and wanted to do it to the fullest. spend time with it I am the one who is always with my parents O’s family. I want to see the life of the outside world run away from home On that day, my 20th birthday, I paid my respects to my parents and left.

Did you think about the pros and cons back then?
Frank : There are advantages as parents are closely raising them. It makes us unaware of the outside world. We have never met a person who does not wish well. When we meet, we know that there are people like this. When the parents find out, they go, but they can’t find it. We went to see my sister and told me not to worry. It’s safe to tell my parents.

Is it as comfortable as you think?
Frank : It’s very difficult. The career of an actor when we go to cast some or not. Unable to plan the finances ahead There is a period of no income coming in. had to leave the dormitory to live a nomadic life for 2 months

Thank you for the clip from the talk show.

Frank : There was a drama at that time but it wasn’t aired yet. The drama is on air so we can get money. Waiting for money from this drama Leaving the dormitory starts from sleeping at the university club first. sleep at the bus stop Friends began to find it fun to sleep together.

It’s not like it’s a difficult time. But is it a fun time?
Frank : I have the drama money ahead.

What were you thinking while sleeping at the bus stop?
Frank : It’s sleepy, it’s time to sleep.

starting to become famous Are you worried about your image?
Frank : No, it wasn’t even famous back then. On the first day of the drama on air, I was still watching at a coffee shop.

Why don’t you think about going home?
Frank : It’s not yet learned. We still haven’t got what we want to know.

Can you call it starvation?
Frank : I starve every hand, but I have good friends, friends who sleep together and eat together. It has been like this for about 3 months. There are also clothes for sale. It’s our clothes that are taken from the house that we wear regularly. Wash and sell second hand Then we knew there was money ahead. Life right now is like a homelessness workshop. This is what you don’t want your parents to know. because I wanted to see where it would go. How will we get through this crisis?

Have you not thought about the bad points in life at all?
Frank : At that time, I did not enjoy life very much. It turns out that some nights I don’t sleep to see Bangkok at night, go see the black market.

When did you come to Exact?
Frank : Since the theatrical After 3 months of the crisis has passed, there are jobs coming in. We are starting to be immune to how we spend money. After that, it’s not much of a problem. And during that time, Exaxes produced a lot of new programs which were game shows and sitcoms.

have a script Cast people to play games with?
Frank : There is an elder who does these positions, he changes jobs. Here, the MC’s skill Because of the selection of people, it must be seen whether they play our games or not. We act as MCs during auditions.

What was the first show host?
Frank : Karaoke game, we’ll help you figure it out. Khun Boy came to tell himself that there would be a change. one person is chakrit As for the other one, he said he must know this game very well. Is Frank ready to be the MC? We are ready to take the opportunity.

Being an MC with a drama trend?
Frank : Very heavy, ranked number one My name is The Star MC that you are the worst MC that Siam Country has ever had. I read it with cursing words. many words of us

Have we read it and accept it?
Frank : We read and look at the intent of the comments if they have good intentions or not. It’s not that good. So we read but don’t remember. We can’t make him every comment.

Which item that I read and feel that we need to improve?
Frank : Talking a lot. When I get hit by a post, I try to find a host. What should I do? Try imitating others for a while. It’s the easiest thing to feel uncomfortable with.

Can you use the word Frank as Boy’s love child?
Frank : No, it’s easier to use.

Do the background too?
Frank : Keep thinking of games, check various games, first sleep in the office as if playing I want to know every step of the way. I enjoyed it. Managed our time all day. When it’s time to sleep, we sleep.

I feel that the loudness is uncertain. Income is not durable?
Frank : It is what others have given us. It’s not really us giving away not staying long it’s always ready to go. We have been watching TV since the children saw the possibility.

Married, sometimes can’t work, go home, wife complains?
Frank : During that time, it was a time to build a new life, create a new family, this time before marriage. Still doing it after the wedding. but understand

Do you want to have children?
Frank : Wanted a lot, but he hasn’t arrived yet. Tried to try science There is on the door, but still

Have we ever been on the blackout?
Frank : At that time, it was about the theatre. On a bike ride to Chiang Mai, Luang Por Tanjai 700 kilometers, but didn’t do it at that time. Do it after another 10 years. One day, I dreamed that I invaded the forest to find something, but only reeds. Went to another place, but found space and saw a large crocodile emerge and startled Tell someone to listen to what they said on it or not.

How many days does 700 km take?
Frank : about 5 days

Is there a near death?
Frank : One day, from Sukhothai, he will cross a mountain and go down a slope, but the track is under construction, but the speed is increasing, trying to control the brakes and turn to an unknown direction. Through that, I sat shaking for a very long time. If you agree, it’s the abyss.

What happened at Chompoo’s wedding?
Frank : It’s fun and it’s a beautiful and impressive wedding. After the wedding was so wonderful, I got into the taxi and immediately shut the door and I was in bed. before that it disappeared Is the door of the house closed? It is closed, indicating that we can unlock the key. look at the fence in front of the house The mailbox fell to the floor. So I assumed that last night, if I couldn’t find the key, he would have climbed the fence into the house and dropped the post office. The wife does not know because the wife was not there that day.

No matter what you’re doing, if your wife orders you to go home, go back right away?
Frank : It’s not true, most of the wives will follow. Most did not return at all. If you go back, it will look bad. It’s no one bigger Some things are me, some things are my wife. My wife is the best back. Without my wife, I wouldn’t be here. he takes care of everything

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