It’s not just the political climate | Hour 25 | Present

This football Monday can be a start to the week marked by signs of hope. Very cautiously, but for hope. To begin with, there is an agreement, one more between the Government, employers and unions for the reform of pensions: they will revalue according to the rise in prices, they will no longer be linked to our living more or less, the deficit is assumed by the State and they come out of the box from which retirees are paid and the legal age and the real retirement age will approach.

Brussels blesses this agreement. To continue, tomorrow the President of the Government and the President of the Catalan Generalitat will meet at Moncloa. The time has come to say the differences face to face to begin to negotiate what is possible and make clear what is not. Last night the photo of the Mobile dinner with Felipe VI, Sánchez, Aragonés and Colau sitting at the same table allows us to think that, despite the numbers, the indepdendentistas land in reality. Which is not little, coming from where we come from.

The agreements with the social agents and the first thaws in Catalonia do not fix all the problems, far from it, but they point the way, the only way to address the social and economic priorities of this country in the end of the crisis. But as always, and as if it were parallel highways along the political highway of politicians, there is no agreement, no thaw, or anything like it. The PP has decided that with the Spaniards who do not vote for them, it does not want to share even the memory of the victims of terrorism.

And of course, they have torn from the Constitution the pages corresponding to the renewal of the General Council of the Judiciary and the Court of Accounts, where right now they have majorities that do not correspond to them. It is not just a problem of political climate, it is a problem that prevents something deeper: addressing the big issues with a minimum cross-sectional consensus. There is no way, although the Government must be demanded not to stop trying.

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