It’s possible! This is what the Queen said when Harry asked for her permission to marry Meghan

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“I don’t think he loves anyone” – This is why Tom Cruise cut off all contact with his daughter Suri

The little girl is already 16 years old, Tom spends a fortune on her, but he has barely seen her for ten years. The world star’s former manager spoke about Cruise’s true nature after four decades.

It is already difficult to comprehend that one of the most famous movie stars in the world, a Top Gun: MaverickTom Cruise, who once again made blockbuster history, is already in his 60th year.

And even more so, that his only biological child (he and his first wife, Nicole Kidman, have two adopted children), Suri Cruise, is slowly growing up, turning seventeen in April.

The little girl is being raised by her mother, also an actress, Katie Holmes, who divorced Tom Cruise in 2012, after five years of marriage. Tom is said to pay huge spousal and child support (according to the news, an amount equivalent to more than ten million forints per month JUST for Suri’s upbringing). But she relinquished shared custody, and in the years following the divorce, she and her daughter slowly but surely drifted apart.

Tom referred to a lot of work and remote shootings, but Katie Holmes once said: her ex-husband’s problem is that Suri is not a Scientologist, that is, she is not committed to the religion that is the most important thing in the world to Tom.

Katie consciously “rescued” her daughter and herself from what she believed to be a manipulative, oppressive and downright dangerous church. Tom, on the other hand, stayed and completely disappeared from the lives of his loved ones, as according to his religion, even family members should be cut off if they are not Scientologists.

In the meantime, Tom Cruise’s first manager, 86-year-old Eileen Berlin, revealed heartbreaking and at the same time shocking details in her very first – and probably only – exclusive interview to date.

She and her husband Simon met “Tommy” – as she has called him ever since – in 1980, when the 18-year-old was just starting his acting career. Her father lived with them, her mother and three younger sisters until she was 14, and abused her a lot. Tom wanted to escape from this, first to a priestly seminary, from which he was kicked out of a club reserved for teachers for drinking – and then to New York to try his luck as an actor. Because he had to make a living, he worked as a waiter, but Elieen and her husband accepted him into their elegant Manhattan apartment, where he was given the vacated room of their son, who lives in a university dormitory.

“Tommy’s first set of photos, which we did for his acting portfolio, he approached with an incredible obsession,” said Eileen. . He was very, very ambitious, it drove him in everything. But I never saw him happy.”

Tom’s first breakthrough role was in 1983 Risky Business was a romantic comedy with Rebecca De Mornay as the female lead. The film was a huge box office success, and then the invitations came in a row. Elieen is from 1986 Top Gunmanaged Cruise until , that film elevated him to the ranks of superstars for good. That’s when he decided to move to Hollywood and asked Eileen to come with him, but she said no. Tom threw a tantrum at this, and according to the woman, he was capable of terrible tantrums anyway.

“For his 19th birthday, I gave him an album in which I pasted all of his teen magazine cover photos. He started screaming at me that he wasn’t a teen star, and he literally threw the album in my face, injuring me,” the manager recalled.

According to Eileen, “Tommy” also joined the Church of Scientology because of his unresolved childhood trauma about his father. He didn’t believe in psychotherapy, but he was clearly not well mentally, and he found support in the church. Eileen also revealed that she is amazed that Tom has been married three times (Mimi Rogers, Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes) and that he has lasted relatively long with his wives.

“I don’t think Tommy loves anybody. He doesn’t love people. He loves what he does. It’s what makes him alive. As long as he can shoot and still be a superstar, everything will be fine. But what happens to him after that, I have no idea.”

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