“It’s terrible”: MEP LREM regrets that her husband can not buy Porsche Cayenne for fear of “malicious people’s thoughts”


IAA Motors visitors discover a model of the upcoming Porsche Cayenne model, September 13, 2017 in Frankfurt – Michael Probst / AP / SIPA
He wanted to buy a Porsche Cayenne. His wife prevents him. What starts as an episode of Intimate confessions is actually an anecdote reported by MEP LREM of Gironde . Véronique Hammerer told South West , she has asked her husband not to “replace his 12-year-old Santa Fe with a Porsche Cayenne. I told him not to do it, otherwise I already hear the thoughts, there will always be malicious people. It’s terrible at the same time. ”

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The member was speaking while she was asked about “oversights” in her declaration of interests. Véronique Hammerer announced that she would repeat this statement, mandatory, and confessed her taste for “beautiful cars”. Since her election, she chose to part with her Ladybug “a real gem! But I will sell it again. We discussed it with friends and activists: a MP in a convertible, it’s not possible … ”

This statement comes a few days after the complaint of his colleague who complained of “Eat a lot of pasta” and “get out of the cellar clothes” because of his monthly income that had dropped to 5,000 euros a month.

The average monthly net salary was 2,250 euros in 2015, the median net salary reaches 1,797 euros. A Porsche Cayenne new is sold between 73.610 and 141.744 euros currently.


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