It's the cata for the reds, en route to reunification


The remaining four reds for episode 6. – PHILIPPE LE ROUX / ALP / TF1

In episode 6 of Koh-Lanta: The war of the chiefs, we perceive a little slack on the side of kama who
find themselves at four without Chloe. Xavier is reassured, he now has the impression of having his place in the group. He is careful that there is complete equity in the food between the adventurers to preserve the serenity on the camp. In the blue, dolphins go off, we see this as a sign of victory for the game of comfort.

The tribes must advance to four on three barrels and one board. In blue, Brice and Cindy do not dispute the test. In the yellow, it is Aurélien and Sophie who remain on the sidelines. The reds are in front, under the orders of Maud. Victory for the reds. The blues are losing, they are in a bad place.

Hot dogs and questioning

Alexander has the choice between a hot dog and a clue on the immunity collar and an advantage over the next immunity test. Alexander chose the advantage while the others said they wanted to eat. In the blues, we question ourselves. For Frédéric: "We trusted Maxime too much and he was not good. The group believes Maxime did not give them enough space and told him. But once it says, everyone relaxes and laughs.

The yellows are savoring their hot dog. They think together about their clue to find the collar of immunity and believe that it must be in the mangrove. If they find it, they decide to keep it collectively for reunification. But Aurélien and Angélique seek him for personal ends, even if Steeve does not want to believe it: "It would surprise me that someone plays it perso after all that was said. "

Tensions in all camps

Reds fantasize about recovering the totem of immunity. In the blues, we find that Frederic is below on the tests, he is in danger. He thinks that "Maxime is coming out of his ears. He plays Professor Sunflower all day long. He goes to look for cassava, and realizes that he is isolated in the team. His worry and stress undermine the bruises.

The reds have only one banana in their belly when facing the immunity test. They are very hungry and weak, and decide to share a pineapple and more. It is the test of the keystone. Eleven pieces must be placed and held for 3 seconds. For the reds, it's only nine pieces. Mohamed and Frédéric stay on the side for the blues, in the yellows it's Steeve and Angélique.

Bad reds despite their advantage

You have to dig first to recover the pieces of wood. In turn the adventurers will place coins while the others maintain the tension of the strings for the stability of the support. It falls all the time. The test lasts more than an hour, and in the end, the blues win. The reds finish last despite their advantage. They will therefore finish at three.

Xavier is the most threatened. In his eyes, it is Alexander who makes the least on the camp and therefore deserves to leave. Cyril and Maud are looking for a necklace because they are afraid that in case of immunity of Xavier and Alexander, the votes will turn against them. Alexandre annoys more and more his teammates. In the blues, Clo and Maxime already see themselves in reunification. Finally, the reds eliminate Xavier. Reunification next week.


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