It’s time for the young to be the leader

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Indonesian President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) said now is the time for the young to become leaders. This was conveyed in connection with the warning Youth Oath, 28th of October.

Jokowi said the younger generation has the character to take risks and seize opportunities. He considered the character needed in a disruptive global competition.

“In a world full of disruption, it’s time for young people to become leaders to win the competition, leaders who master technology, not being controlled by technology, leaders who dare to take the initiative,” Jokowi said on the Presidential Secretariat’s Youtube channel, Thursday (28/10).

Jokowi hopes that the younger generation of Indonesia will become leaders who dare to take the initiative and are humanists. He hopes that young people will continue to learn and contribute to the progress of the nation.

The former mayor of Solo and the Governor of DKI Jakarta reminded that not all youth have the opportunity to access higher education. He asked the youths who had access, to share with others.

“That is the essence of leadership. Leadership is helping those who cannot become capable and helping those who can become even more capable,” he said.

“Leadership is not a position, let alone a position. Leadership is influence. Leadership is inspiration,” said Jokowi.

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