Because of the volatility of the dollar, Russia can switch to national currencies when trading in oil, said Finance Minister Anton Siluanov on the program “Sunday evening with Vladimir Solovyov “On the TV channel” Russia 1 “.

“It is not excluded. We have significantly reduced our investments in our reserves in US assets. In fact, already the dollar, which was considered to be the world currency, becomes a risky tool for settlements, “the minister said, while clarifying that the Russian authorities do not intend to close American companies.
Since the beginning of the year, Russia for two months in a row has significantly reduced its investments in US government bonds. Thus, in April, the amount decreased by $ 47.5 billion, and in May by $ 33.8 billion. As a result, as a whole, they decreased to $ 14.9 billion, which since 2007 is the minimum.
Russia thus dropped out of the list of 33 largest holders of the US national debt. AT The Central Bank clarified that they diversify international reserves taking into account all risks, including financial, economic and geopolitical ones.
The very statement Siluanova was associated with the announcement of the US on the introduction of new sanctions against Russia, which Washington announced on August 8. According to reports, new restrictive measures were caused by alleged “Moscow’s use of chemical weapons in the British Salisbury.”
It is planned that the sanctions will come into force on August 22. By the way, this date is not designated by chance, since it is on this day in the Federal Register of the United States will be published a message about the first package of restrictive measures. As specified in US Department of State , Moscow allegedly violated international law by using the poisoning nerve agent of the class “Novice” in the British Salisbury.

According to the US law of 1991 on the use of biological and chemical weapons by a country, such actions entail sanctions from the United States.
If the restrictions are still introduced, they will be extended for export to Russia of goods related to national security. These will include dual-purpose electronic devices and their components, including those used in the aviation industry, reports NBC . At the same time, civil aviation equipment, as assured in the State Department, will not affect the planned limitations.

However, they also noted that sanctions on this matter can be introduced more than once. The State Department clarified that if within three months Russia does not provide guarantees that it will not use chemical weapons and does not agree to the admission of international inspectors, this will cause a second wave of restrictive measures by the United States.
In this case, it will be necessary to talk about the lowering of the level of diplomatic relations and the ban on the airline (in this case it is about Aeroflot ) fly to the USA. In addition, mutual trade as a result will be minimized, international financial assistance will face new obstacles, and bank loans will be denied.
All these conditions are stipulated in the law of 1991, which until now has been applied only twice – against Syria in 2013 and the DPRK in the current one.

Recall that the ex-colonel GRU Sergey Skripal and his daughter Julia were poisoned on March 4 in the British city of Salisbury nerve agent of the class “Newcomer”. Official London accused the involvement of the Russian authorities and special services in the incident.

However, the United Kingdom has not yet found any traces of Russian poisoning in Salisbury, although a lot of effort and resources have been spent on this. Back in early May, the Russian embassy in London posted on its website a corresponding official statement, which said that the British authorities had brought to the investigation “hundreds of policemen” who spent a lot of time studying the evidence.
According to representatives of the Russian embassy, ​​British police could not support the official political version of their country. The accusation on the part of London was refuted by the Russian president himself Vladimir Putin , pointing to their unproven nature.
Nevertheless, the statements of the British side caused more than a hundred Russian diplomats to be expelled by a number of Western countries in solidarity with Great Britain. Among those who supported London, there were also the United States. After the report of the British side about the alleged involvement of Russia in the poisoning of the Fiddles, the US published an official statement in which it was written that the responsibility for the application of the “Novice” is most likely on Moscow.


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