The Brexit plans of Prime Minister Theresa May are causing even more excitement. Like David, junior ministers Suella Braverman and Steve Baker retired at midnight yesterday evening. The news came as Theresa had said her continued trade plans from her county seat in Checkers. With the debate, Good Morning Britain presenters Kate and Susanna Reid began grilling Conservative MPs Andrew Bridgen and Sir Bernard Jenkin over what will happen next. When Garraway asked for answers from the couple, things got hot and Sir Jenkin suggested in her intense survey, "The problem is that it's not just politics," Kate said. "It's about her [Theresa’s] Leadership because she has tried to reach an agreement in order to reach a policy of obtaining a Cabinet. "To reach a policy, it can get the government to come to an agreement before starting the right negotiations." We saw her across Europe, we saw her talk to the most important people in the UK to all sorts of people, and that she believes she has unity, and then within a few hours she has begun to unravel. "As the ITV host continued their tirade, Sir Jenkin seemed increasingly frustrated." May I please respond? he asked, but Garraway ignored his request and went on, "So it's about her leadership, you may not like politics, but the point is, if she can not enforce the policy she wants, then many would argue "She can not lead," she went on, "Please do not interrupt me." Sir Jenkin interrupted him, finally getting a chance to voice his arguments, saying, "Personally, I do not think she tried hard enough to find the right policy. That's what Mr Tusk proposed in March. "This is completely satisfactory for most countries in the world." Good Morning Britain is broadcast on ITV at 6 pm on weekdays.


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