Iva Pazderková turned topless. He deserves praise, this worked out

Iva Pazderková got into our consciousness most probably as “Dumb Blonde” in the comedy show Na stojáka. She currently works mainly as a theater actress and also makes herself known on the social network instagram.

She commented on a series of half-naked photos she recently added to her profile as follows:

This bright sunny frosty autumn morning, when one can take an unparalleled photo in the play of the sun’s rays penetrating through the birches behind the window. When he makes tea nicely in the warmth, then he takes an ice shower, because he hardens that yes, and chooses something soft and warm from the closet, in which he will spend the day of his unique life. “

Donkey bridge

Even this poetic description of her last instagram act below the post did not sound unreasonable. He became a donkey bridge to what Pazderka wanted to draw attention to with bold pictures.

“And then there are people who, for whatever reason, wait every morning for the first ray to warm up at least a little after a frosty night out on the street. Instakrásu sucks them because their lives are a struggle for homeless survival, without heat, without tea and clean sheets. Often without the possibility of work, with poor health and a lot of pain in the heart, “ Pazderková completed the description

Finally, under the photos, she marked the Salvation Army and she encouraged her fans to make life a little easier for the homeless through them.

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