Ivan Karadjov: Ludogorets has no place in the Bulgarian championship

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The former international Ivan Karadjov gave an interview to the colleagues from Sportal in Alanya, where he is in camp with his club Beroe. Karajata commented in a curious way on his parting with FC CSKA 1948 in the summer.

“I hope the championship will start in a normal way, it’s like this every year – we come to camps here, and then the matches in our country are postponed because of the bad weather. I hope we will have a good half-season with Beroe. The truth about the pitches in our country is known. In Bulgaria we are going down. This is a painful topic, but let the young people think about it, I am not the first youth. Today we played on a unique pitch, you feel pleasure. Which are the best pitches in Bulgaria? The one in Razgrad, in Levski and ours – in Beroe . On these pitches you can really play football. At the “Army”? No, no. In Bistrica? Ah, yes, I’m sorry, and in Bistrica the pitch is in excellent condition. This thing drags football down, there is no pace of play. That’s the reality. I don’t see how things are going to get better. I’m sure a lot of people think that way.

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How is my second period in Beroe different from years ago? It is certainly different, then the club was financially secure. He had everything, as they say. It is gratifying that these conditions persisted for ten years. Things will get better. Beroe is one of the top teams in Bulgaria and is not where it should be.

Why did I leave CSKA 1948 in the summer after re-signing? Yes, I had come to an agreement with the head of the team, but with the arrival of Lyuboslav Penev, I decided that it was better for me and the team not to stay, because it makes no sense. Just nerves. I had enough of them when I was younger, so I still have them now. So we decided, for the good of all.

The struggle at the top? It will be interesting for sure, CSKA has a good team and a good coach. It feels like they have a team. We’ve flown with them and talked to the guys – it feels like they’re a team. I hope the fans will be there to support them because it will be very tough. A Ludogorets is a Ludogorets. They have proven themselves in the last 10-12 years, there is nothing to comment on. For me, this team has no place in the Bulgarian championship. I hope it will be interesting.

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Beroe failed to challenge Rubin (Kazan)

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I spent four unique years in Arda (Kardzhali) – with the exception of Ludogorets, I don’t think such work was done anywhere else. Now I am focused on making a good half-season so that there is no comment at all about whether Beroe will be relegated. This is a no-brainer for me. My free time is complete rest – training, lunch and rest in the room. It’s not my time to hang around the lobby anymore.

Martinez’s gesture after the World Cup final? That’s how he felt it, that’s what he did. And other footballers have done such things. Top goalkeepers. Hugo Lloris may have had no chance and no luck in the penalty shootout. They could drop the Argentinians, right? Such matches remain in the memories. That is why I tell you that when I watch such matches and wonder if we are playing football, what are we playing. When I was younger, there were really top footballers in Bulgaria, the championship was on a completely different level. Before we had seven or eight people in Russia, now I’m talking to a boy from Belarus, with whom we played together… It sounds pessimistic, whatever,” said Ivan Karadjov.

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