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Ivan Urgant worked as a cleaner | StarHit.ru

Ivan Urgant

Ivan Urgant // Photo: Instagram

Every winter, residents of the northern capital suffer from the effects of snowfall, but the beginning of this year has become particularly frosty. People get injured almost every day, the actor Andrei Urgant fell from the slippery stairs. Now the showman's father goes to the scene in a cast. And recently his grandmother, People's Artist Nina Urgant, almost slipped.

An anchorman came to St. Petersburg to visit his family and noticed how 89-year-old Nina Nikolaevna was carefully moving through the streets. About this star of the First Channel wrote in the form of a poem, a parody of the song "Vision" by Maxim Leonidov. “I looked around to see if she had slipped, to see if I had slipped,” Ivan Urgant joked. The showman also published a video where he fights ice on his own.

Many appreciated the act of the presenter. “It would be funny if it were not so sad. You are a good grandson, Ivan Andreevich ”,“ Carefully it turns out, a born janitor ”,“ Good for you, that helped my grandmother, at least one, ”the subscribers wrote. To some, on the contrary, it seemed that Ivan had to prepare: “You need to stand on the ice and clean yourself”, “Without working gloves / mittens you will not work for a long time with a metal foot”, “Vanyushi is having a hard time “to do it.”

The problem of ice in St. Petersburg is really acute. According to Interfax, in the last 24 hours nine people suffered from the fall of the ice.

Recall that Ivan Urgant himself was recently injured, however, the cause of the incident was not the weather, but an accident. “I was riding a bike. I was warned a thousand times in the program "Time will tell," a thousand times! And I did not believe. Everything! The American cut me in a jeep, ”the showman told me on the air. As a result, he received a stretching of the arm, and for some time wore a special bandage.

The incident happened in the United States, where TV presenter's stepdaughter Erica Kiknadze lives. It is noteworthy that the future spouses first met at school – Natalia Kiknadze was a classmate of Ivan Urgant. Now the couple is raising two children. For the first time in three years, the happy father showed the face of his younger daughter last month.


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