Ivana Gottová is slowly returning to life: The first words of the most famous widow!

“During his lifetime, Karel wrote his autobiography, which he gradually composed of a mosaic of memories, edited and corresponded over the last few years. It is unique and unique. he would be satisfied to the last detail, “Ivana Gottová addressed her husband’s fans through Instagram.

Gott explained to enthusiastic readers why she had to postpone the publication of the book for a few months! “Most of the photographs, as well as the cover of the publication and its title, along with all the chapters, were approved by Karel. The images were discussed in September last year, when he had to spend most of his time mostly at home in his chair or bed. she found more and more rare artifacts and documents in the archive, which I knew immediately that they should not be missing in the book, and from which, I firmly believe, my husband’s fans will be at least as happy as I am, “the widow lured into completely new materials. about the famous singer and subsequently added an apology for waiting.

“I am sincerely sorry to disappoint you (perhaps only for a moment), but after a long and mature reflection we have reached a difficult decision to postpone the publication of the book to March next year. I trust that you will have an understanding and you will be happy to wait for the autobiography. Your Ivana, “Gottová concluded. According to the reactions of the followers, however, no one cares about a slight postponement and, on the contrary, rock fans can no longer wait for the final work! For now, Gott fans in the cinema can shorten their time, as the film Karel is coming in the autumn…


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