Ivana Nadal is the fitness girl of the moment.

As his figure in the media and social networks grew, he was assessing his posts, and Without abandoning sensuality as a flag, he was putting thoughts, advice, life stories.

Before going to sleep I reflected a little on these dark days that the world lives and the need for isolation.

And the quarantine found the positive side: “To be able to walk all day in …”

The message:

Well ready. Until tomorrow, I go to sleep. AS, because there are many of us who see this from a not so unhappy side and try to enjoy those little things, like riding our ass all day, or not having schedules or helping to keep thousands from dying, just staying at home.

I understand that it is extremely difficult for many people around the world, in health and in Economa. But if that isn’t affecting you, put some smiles on your days.

Stay at home that you save yourself and save many more people. #I stay at home

Thanks for your messages, I love you.


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