Iveta Vítová openly about divorce: Her husband was not at home, something

On her 39th birthday, Iveta Vítová was surprised by the sudden announcement that she was no longer forming a couple with her husband Jaroslav, just a few months after the birth of their second child. The moderator has now revealed that she can no longer forgive her husband for some things and therefore their relationship can definitely not be saved.

Iveta Vítová married entrepreneur Jaroslav Vít in 2011 after less than a year of acquaintance, and two years later their daughter Aneta was born. Although until recently the relationship was sunlit, in reality it was going through a great crisis.

The businessman eventually quietly left the family shortly after the birth of his son Matěj and allegedly moved in with a lover. Although Vítová does not want to reveal the exact reasons for the divorce, she still claims that the divorce is about to fall and reconciliation is not on the agenda.

“It can’t be fixed between us anymore. There are things that can’t be passed or returned. There’s just something that can’t be forgiven. I believe that we will be good parents, “Vítová revealed in an interview for the program Life in the Stars.

Children are smart, they perceive everything

Although Iveta Vítová is trying for a peaceful divorce, her older daughter still has a good idea of ​​what is going on in the family. “Anetka is in second grade, she knows about it. At first I tried to make it as difficult as possible for her. But the children are smart and perceive far more than we parents think. I’m really looking forward to “We will move the children. This will be, I think, another milestone in my life. We will start with the children somewhere else and from scratch,” the double mother plans.

Iveta is said to have become accustomed to loneliness quickly, as her husband was often at work and therefore not much has changed. “Her husband wasn’t always at home, so my daughter and I worked more or less the same. So it’s not such a change for her. She was very used to her mother doing a lot of things at home and Dad was still at work or at the company. At first “She didn’t even register that she didn’t live with us anymore. When it was longer, I told her what it was like,” the former Miss explains. Although he is not in need of suitors after the break-up, he is not getting into a new relationship yet.

“Either young boys or men in their sixties write to me. I don’t have the taste or the energy anyway now,” added Vítová, who has a wide smile on her face even in difficult times and plans to devote all her free time to her children. The presenter was originally supposed to return to the television screens in the summer, but due to an unexpected divorce, she will extend her maternity leave even more.

For now, the moderator has to postpone joining the television