Jean-Paul Ortiz, president of the Confederation of French medical unions, said franceinfo, that all gynecologists-obstetricians do not recognize themselves "in these words of another time". "It's shocking to hear such comments from a union official," responded Thursday, September 13 on franceinfo Jean-Paul Ortiz, president of the Confederation of French Medical Syndicates (CSMF), after the doctor Bertrand de Rochambeau likened to a "homicide" abortion (abortion) .In a report broadcast Tuesday night on the TMC channel, the president of the National Union of Gynecologists (Syngof) said to refuse to practice abortion: "We are not here to take lives," he said. Asked by franceinfo Wednesday, he felt he was trapped by the daily program but said he did not "deny his point of view."
Mr. de Rochambeau is union leader. When he speaks on a media, he speaks on behalf of a whole professionJean-Paul OrtizĂ  franceinfoWith these words, "it is the whole profession that sees its image tarnished," lamented franceinfo Jean-Paul Ortiz. "Abortion must be defended," he said. "There is a clause of conscience (…) but collectively, gynecologists-obstetricians must respect the law, and if, individually and personally, they do not wish to do it because it hurts them, they have the obligation to respond to the suffering of the patient immediately by referring it to another doctor, "he said." Fortunately, all gynecologists-obstetricians, I'm sure, will not recognize themselves in these about another time of Dr. Rochambeau ", concluded Jean-Paul Ortiz.
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