Ivory Coast: singer Yabonga Lova and Mike le Bosso bury their “hatchet” – People

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The Ivorian singer of Zouglou Yabonga Lova and his former producer Mike le Bosso have buried their hatchet. It was during the Peopl’Emik show on Thursday, October 28, 2021.

The Peopl’Emik show is not only a controversial set, but it also brings enemies together. Indeed the host Yves-Aymard and his columnists, in order to reconcile the boss of Bosso Production and his ex-foal Yabongo Lova, who have been in a fight for a few years have contacted them.

Through a phone call, they were able to reconcile the actors of Ivorian showbiz. And as we say trivially in Abidjan, “ Palaver is over “. The promoter of shows even brought his blessing to the career of his “son”.

It should be noted that apart from Yabongo Lova, Mike le Bosso had already found himself at odds with the singers Vitale, Josy the Congolese and the influencer Eudoxie Yao. The latter case made a lot of noise at the time.