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"Izvestia": Russians with low wages want to be exempt from personal income tax

MOSCOW, April 15 – RIA News. Low-wage Russians can be exempted from paying personal income tax (NDFL). This is reported by “Izvestia” with reference to the tripartite commission for the regulation of social and labor relations (RTC).

As noted in the RTK, consultations on this issue are provided for by an agreement between the government, employers' associations and trade unions for 2018-2020.

Based on the Labor Code, an employer cannot pay an employee an amount less than the minimum wage. It is equal to the subsistence minimum and averages 11.3 thousand rubles. In this case, after paying personal income tax the employee receives only 9.8 thousand rubles. In this case, his income is below the subsistence minimum.

Thus, we are talking about citizens whose income after deducting personal income tax is below the subsistence minimum, on average in the country this salary is less than 13 thousand rubles.

According to Rosstat, about 11 million people now receive a salary of 13.8 thousand rubles.

Experts call this measure fair, but they warn that the share of "gray" earnings may increase.

At the same time, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Labor have not yet officially commented on the statement of the RTK.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law on improving taxation in Crimea, which exempts Crimean incomes from personal income tax, arising from forgiveness of debts on loans taken in Ukrainian banks prior to the entry of Crimea into Russia.

The budget committee of the Federation Council, in turn, prepared recommendations to the Russian government, in which it proposes to credit the personal income tax to the budget at the place of residence of the taxpayer.

Now the funds from the payment of personal income tax go to the budget of the region where the organization in which the physical person works is registered.

The Minister of Labor and Social Protection, Maxim Topilin, said earlier that in the future it is necessary to put higher levels in Russia in setting the minimum wage, for this it will be necessary to conduct negotiations with employers and trade unions.



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