J Balvin opens the doors of his home in Colombia

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Before the COVID-19 pandemic, J Balvin probably did not sleep many nights in a row at home. But in recent months the scenario has changed. The exponent of the urban genre has been able to enjoy every corner of the space he has in his native Colombia.

The architecture magazine Architectural Digest He had access to the place that he showed in all its splendor in an extensive audiovisual report that includes a video in which the artist himself invites people to appreciate his room, his pool and other spaces on the site where the quarantine has passed.

The home, surrounded by nature, has a decoration that harmonizes minimalism with Japanese aesthetics. The light wood, the black color and the polished cement are unifying elements chosen by the artist, who participated in the decision-making for the aesthetics of the project that he carried out together with the Colombian firm 5 Sólidos.

J Balvin told the magazine that he opted for “minimalist serenity and restraint” when it comes to setting his home. With this “less is more” approach, he wanted the structure to be a space to rest.

“I have tried to create places that feed my soul, not my ego”, said the artist, who owns a huge collection of tennis (around 850 pairs) as seen in the images of one of his “favorite places” that he shared on Instagram a few weeks ago.

Among the pieces of art are creations by Josh Sperling, Takashi Murakami, and street artists KAWS and WhIsBe. But among the most precious for J Balvin are the century-old bonsai that he took from Japan to Colombia.

The artist told the publication that he enjoyed the process of putting together his home so much that he is excited about the possibility of doing it for another type of space.

“I love the process. It would be amazing to create special art and ne style hotels. Something with an Aman atmosphere with contributions from people like KAWS and Murakami, ”he said.



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