J & J: Claim for asbestos in baby powder PHARMACY ADHOC, 17.04.2018 09:45

J & J: Claim for asbestos in baby powder PHARMACY ADHOC, 17.04.2018 09:45

A New Jersey court found it proven that a man was diagnosed with mesothelioma through 30 years of use of J & J’s baby powder. It is a rare cancer that is triggered by asbestos. The jury awarded him 117 million dollars. According to the victim’s lawyers, documents were seen in the process that showed that the baby powder was contaminated with asbestos during the decomposition process of the talc. J & J is said to have known about it since the 1970s. The consumer goods company and its supplier Imerys Talc America deny. There has never been asbestos in their products. The companies want to appeal. J & J lawyer Peter Bicks said the company has been investigating how to remove asbestos from talcum in the early 1970’s, should it ever get contaminated. However, impurities have never been detected, as evidenced by decades of testing by independent laboratories and scientists. He calls the reasoning of the other side “junk science”. Currently about 6,000 lawsuits are still pending against J & J to establish a connection between baby powder and ovarian cancer. The victim lawyers want to use the documents in the upcoming negotiations to argue that the alleged asbestos contamination caused the cancer.

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