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Jack Dorsey says now that Twitter will not let edit messages | Technology


Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has settled in an interview Tuesday the debate on the button to edit tweets after stating "the answer is no" to a user's question. It was during an interview for Wired, in which Dorsey answered questions asked by the users of the application. When asked if the company would include an edit button in 2020, its response was negative.

Last February, Dorsey said in an interview with the popular podcaster Joe Rogan, the entrepreneur has admitted that Twitter "is working" on the possibility of editing a message once written and published on the social network. That is, if one commits a typo, because of the rush, in one of his messages, he would have the possibility of accessing said message and modifying it corrected so that it is so in his timeline.

At the time, Twitter considered the alternative way to allow the message to be edited within five to 30 seconds after sending and after which the message would be published in the timeline. In fact, what Dorsey proposes is to add a small delay in sending the message so that the user can edit it before it is published (an operation similar to that of undo shipments in Gmail).


Dorsey now explains that the decision not to include a button to edit tweets is due to the original Twitter function. "We started as an SMS service, and as you know, when a message is sent it cannot be withdrawn," he said, "We want to keep the same feeling as the first day."

He also explained that with the edit button, users could misuse the application. Since if someone publishes a tweet, another user 'retweets' it and within half an hour the user first edits the content could cause a message that is completely contrary to the one at the beginning.

It is not the first time that users ask Twitter for this tool, although so far the company has never developed such a function. The closest thing was an idea shared by Dorsey himself in early 2019 for which they were considering incorporating an editing window of between five and 30 seconds for the tweets, during which it would be possible to modify a message.

Dorsey has referred to that function again during the interview. "We have considered a window of one minute or 30 seconds to correct something," he said. However, it has ensured that its implementation is faced with the problem that tweets would take longer to publish.

For all this, Dorsey wanted to settle the issue of the edit button; "We have considered the idea but we will probably never do it."

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