Jack Grealish goes full throttle at celebration in Las Vegas

Jack Grealish is spending his holidays in the gambling metropolis of Las Vegas. There, the record transfer from Manchester City relies on expensive parties and alcohol.

After the international break, Jack Grealish is now on vacation. And he really enjoys it. – Keystone


the essentials in brief

  • Jack Grealish is Manchester City’s record signing and England international.
  • The 120 million man likes to party next to the square and is considered a party beast.
  • He strengthens this reputation during the summer holidays – including with a 100,000-franc party.

Last summer, Manchester City paid around 120 million francs to free Jack Grealish from league rivals Aston Villa. The Englishman is not only the Cityzens’ record transfer, but also one of the six most expensive footballers of all time.

Jack Grealish
At Manchester City, Jack Grealish has been known as a celebration beast at least since the championship celebrations. – Keystone

Measured against this, his performances in the past season were rather poor: the offensive player contributed six goals and four assists in 39 appearances for Manchester City. Malicious tongues claimed: At the championship celebration, Grealish was more noticeable than during the season.

Lots of champagne and beer in swimming trunks

In fact, pictures of the 26-year-old caused a lot of laughter on the Internet during the championship celebration. Grealish didn’t hold back on alcohol – and apparently doesn’t do so during his post-season summer vacation either. In Las Vegas, the England international enjoys himself at pool parties and in the club.

The city star stays in the luxurious Venetian Hotel and likes to have a glass of champagne by the pool, as the “Sun” reports. Pictures also show him carrying cans of beer in his swimming trunks.

Jack Grealish treats himself to a 100,000-franc package at the exit

Jack Grealish also goes full throttle in the (night) club. One evening he buys himself and his companions a VIP package for around 100,000 francs! In return, he gets 100 conventional champagne bottles in addition to a large 12-liter bottle.

Do you think it’s okay when a football professional gets carried away during the holidays?

As a well-known face, the England international also keeps security busy on the exit. The “Sun” writes that the 120-million man returned to the hotel badly injured after the party. Another hotel guest reports how the star player “shuffled through the hotel tired and emotional”.

Jack Grealish Pep Guardiola
Jack Grealish is unlikely to bring joy to Manchester City and Pep Guardiola with his holiday headlines. – Keystone

What do you think Manchester City think of this news? There have long been some critics who have argued that Grealish would rather party than focus on football. Coach Pep Guardiola has also criticized his protégé for going to a nightclub, and videos of drunken Jack Grealish have long existed.

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