Jack WC’s secret was broken after the death of two women who said they were their girlfriends. ok who’s real

by N. The first woman posted a sweet clip with Jack By saying that the two have been in a relationship for 5 years, which netizens came to provide information that Since dating, the female side has never posted a debut for Jack. Maybe because the man is a singer After a while, both of them started to feud because the man became famous. The women were even more indifferent. Until sometimes I post that I’m single often. Until the man left in time to say goodbye So saw the first clip and the only clip that N.M. came out to post to mourn her boyfriend’s love.

However, on June 20, last time, the clip was posted while the parade took Jack’s body to the funeral. AM walked with a picture and cried hard. with the message that apart this time I can’t come back to see each other again. My heart is broken. I’m suffering too much. Come send me to the end of the road see you again You will always be in my heart and in my memory. keep in mind keep good memories reciprocal

At the same time, another young lady T.T. posted on Facebook continuously since hearing the news of the death. by specifying the message that “She left him stubborn. how can this Where did you tell him that we would go on a trip together? You can’t leave him alone like this. And who will come and tell him I love him every day? Before going on stage, who will call? come to ask for support from him

before doing anything Who will keep telling him all the time? Is it too early? Last night, I still told him I loved him until he was annoyed. And who will come today to tell him that he loves him like every day? She must have wanted to be with him very much. The elders came to send him, she would have come in the car too. The smell of incense is very close to him. goosebumps all the time Tell me you don’t have to come, I don’t listen very stubborn Today she is with him.”

Some fans are puzzled by Jack WC. Secrets are broken after the death of 2 girls saying they are boyfriends.  ok who's real

In addition, Thor has also posted a clip at Jack’s prayer ceremony. in which the photos were taken together in a cell phone with the message that It’s your last day. She told him to keep this picture well. He will keep it as best as possible.

And on the 20th of June T.T. also attended the funeral. along with posting pictures of the flowers and holding a photo of Jack Take a photo together in front of the crematorium and revealed his mind that Finally my love May the soul rest in peace to live in a good world sleep well In the end, we just stand and watch our loved ones leave. She told her that she liked him wearing this dress that he had worn for her for the last time.

when looking intoFacebook Jack WC The last post found that I posted a picture of N. while eating grilled pork together. There are stickers to cover the face. and put a caption saying “I love this little sister very much,” while N. also replied after receiving the bad news. Last night, you still posted a message saying I love you. Isn’t that true? Is it too fast? I can’t take it.

Some fans are puzzled by Jack WC. Secrets are broken after the death of 2 girls saying they are boyfriends.  ok who's real

In addition, there were still people commenting on Facebook, T.T. stated, “Fighting, but I’m still confused who is Jack’s fan. Isn’t that the older brother who has been dating for 5 years? Because of friends, family, Jack. know everyone Someone still put the clip down. Who is this person, an ex-girlfriend?

To which T.T. has commented and replied, “New person and he suddenly posted that he loves this little sister very much. He told us He and the old man were just brothers. Everyone in the house knows that. But he broke up for a long time. We are new people. He only came to see us and we traveled together often. He was with us almost every day.

the day he died He will come to us, but not come, and we cannot explain it to everyone. He’s in a relationship, who knows? and if there are many more People show themselves again. What will everyone say? Understand me. We are sad, just like his family. Thank you very much. Thank you to everyone who understands us and does not care. We are less sorry than anyone else.”

Some fans are puzzled by Jack WC. Secrets are broken after the death of 2 girls saying they are boyfriends.  ok who's real

Image from Jack WC’s Facebook page.