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Jacob Wohl, a trump-loving MAGA supporter, tried to smear Robert Mueller and it struck back spectacularly

But this week, Wohl and a Republican lobbyist called Jack Burkman Both have pointed to a huge news story, which provides allegations of sexual misconduct against Robert Müller.

A story ran on a conservative website called Gateway Pundit (more on that later).

But who are these prosecutors?

Several media outlets, including HuffPost, received emails from a woman earlier this month claiming she had offered money to spread false accusations about Muller.

But in a bizarre twist, there is no evidence that it exists – HuffPost conducted a public search to find the woman, but could not definitely bind her to a known person.

The Hill Reporter reporters continued digging when they received a call from someone who was allegedly Mike Wilcox from a company called Surefire Intelligence.

On October 22, a law professor named Jennifer Taub received an e-mail from someone who claimed to have worked for Surefire Intelligence as well.

That person said she would "compensate" her for her information about her "previous encounters with Robert Müller" – even though she never met him.

Taub did not answer and sent the e-mail to the Special Counsel's office.

This series of mysterious events triggered a rush to find out who was behind Surefire Intelligence and all the evidence that suggests … Jacob Wohl.

The entire company appears to have originated around three weeks ago to give the allegations against Müller an (incredibly thin) veneer of credibility.

It was also a particularly lean attempt:

  • One of the e-mails associated with domain registration for the company is jacob.wohl@nexmanagement.com
  • The official phone number of the company goes to the mailbox of Wohl's mother

Wohl denied having anything to do with Surefire Intelligence.

These recent revelations prompted Gateway Pundit to withdraw his article with allegations about Muller. Instead, the page reads now:

"We have taken the documents and are currently investigating these allegations.

"There are also very serious allegations against Jacob Wohl.

"We're investigating that as well."

To top it off, Müller's office has referred the obvious scheme to the FBI. And to show how seriously they take the matter, the office, which was notorious for not making statements, published an explanation:

"Last week, when we learned of the allegations that women were being offered money to make false claims about the Special Counsel, we immediately referred the matter to the FBI for investigation."

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