Jada Borsato says goodbye to ‘fake people’

In a Q&A, Jada catches up with her followers. She asks them to open their hearts. One of her followers says she would be surrounded by ‘fake’ friends. Jada replies: ‘Been there, done that.’ In the form of a kind of tile wisdom, the Borsato descendant gives life advice to her follower: ‘At the end of the day, your happiness is the most important thing and you will soon find out who you can rely on.’

According to Jada, this person has to choose for themselves: “Try to push toxic and fake people away from you, although that can be a scary and difficult decision.” She explains the importance of investing in friendships and having friends who “will be there for you through the tough times.” Finally, Jada concludes: ‘Those fake friends will only bring you trouble in the end, so better to leave such people behind.’ Whether this is a sneaky sneer at one of her old friends is the question.