Jade Leboeuf, the daughter of the World Champion 98, will marry her darling

Jade Leboeuf, the daughter of the World Champion 98, will marry her darling

Just two years after starting a relationship with the handsome Stéphane Rodrigues, Jade Leboeuf, the daughter of the 1998 World Champion, announces that the couple will get married in the coming weeks. Summer will be hectic for Frank Leboeuf. While he is currently following with diligence the course of the team of France in Russia , world champion 98 knows that another big event will mark the summer of 2018. This week, on Instagram, her only daughter, Jade, just 27 years old, has announced to her nearly 75,000 subscribers that she was about to get married. As a commentary on a photograph on which she poses beside her lover, both sitting on the roof of a Parisian building, back to the Eiffel Tower, the young woman writes these few words: ” In a month we will declare our love to the law and within a year to our closest friends and our family. I long for being your wife @rodriguessteph ” . A civil wedding will take place this summer, in a small committee, before a larger ceremony is organized within a year, in the presence of the couple’s relatives. This beautiful announcement marks a new stage in the relationship between Jade Leboeuf and the model Stéphane Rodrigues . In couple for two years, the lovebirds had met for the first time in Los Angeles, during 2016. Two years earlier, the one that the Net surfers physically compare to footballer Robert Pirès had embarked on the adventure Secret Story 8. This ex-French teacher, as revealed LCI , has also evolved as a dancer alongside the singer Shy’m with whom he has since a relationship of friendship. Obviously deeply in love with his youngest, the hunk of social networks reacted enthusiastically to the public announcement of his future union with the beautiful Jade. ” I can finally stop saying “my girlfriend (banal), my girl (curd), my fiancée (culcul), my nana (has been), my half (niannian), my future wife (too much info)” … but just “MY wife”. I love you! ” . Photo Credits: Instagram @rodriguessteph

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