Jae-deok Seon, Cheong Kim and elementary school alumni… “I can’t go next to the princess, only unrequited love” (Let’s live together 3)

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‘Let’s Live Together 3’Kim Cheong boasted of her relationship with Sunwoo Jae-deok.

In the KBS 2TV entertainment show’Park Won-sook’s Live Together Season 3′(hereinafter,’Let’s Live Together)’ broadcast on the 22nd, Kim Cheong’s best friend Seon Woo Jae-deok appeared in Namhae House (Park Won-sook, Kim Young-ran, Hye-eun, Kim Cheong).

On this day, the Namhae sisters happily made video calls with acquaintances for the New Year. While Hye-eun talked with Baek-ho Choi on the phone, he said that Kim Young-ran was a big fan of Baek-ho Choi and met him 40 years ago.

Kim Young-ran couldn’t hide his shame throughout the phone call, and he promised Choi Baek-ho a genuine sacrament, saying, “Please come to play once”, and repeatedly expressed his fan spirit.

Subsequently, Hye-eun made a phone call with Nam-jin, a living witness of Trot in South Korea, and her brother Nam-jin, who is an everlasting brother, cheered enthusiastically and Nam-jin responded with a welcome greeting. In particular, Namjin struck Kim Cheong, saying, “Will we use it together?” and Kim Cheong also laughed, saying “Is it okay now?”.

In addition, Hye-eun drew attention by confessing her special story with Namjin. In the past, when Hye-eun was in trouble as a child, Namjin played an active part as a black knight. As a result, the sisters showed their love for Namjin once more.

On the other hand, the sisters dressed up early in the morning and went out. Going out to find ingredients for a cooking battle between Kim Young-ran and Kim Cheong. So Park Won-sook deceived Kim Young-ran and prepared water catfish soup and stew. In addition, Hye-eun completed opening a bankbook after a long time and showed pride as a secretary.

In particular, Kim Cheong showed suspicious behavior, including secretly answering the phone call and sending Park Won-sook home while going on a pottery workshop tour with Park Won-sook. In response, Park Won-sook expressed doubts toward Kim Cheong, saying, “Are you not a man?” In the end, Park Won-sook, who came to the house alone, reasoned about Kim Cheong’s’boyfriend’ with Hye-eun and Kim Young-ran.

The person who won Kim Cheong is an old friend and colleague, Seon Woo Jae-deok, the representative actor of the middle-aged flower. In particular, Kim Cheong and Seon Woo Jae-deok conspired to surprise the older sisters who knew nothing.

At that time, Kim Cheong welcomed Seonwoo Jae-deok, who was willing to come for himself. So, when Seonwoo Jae-deok asked, “Are you going to marry now?” As a result, Seonwoo Jae-deok trembled, “Isn’t it possible to go?” In response, Kim Cheong showed a friendly appearance saying, “I want to live freely and comfortably with good acquaintances. Thank you. For being my lover.”

Afterwards, the sisters who saw Jae-deok Seon who visited Namhae House were very happy. Kim Cheong said to her older sisters who were curious about the relationship with Seonwoo Jae-deok, “I am an alumni in elementary school, and since elementary school, I have a relationship with broadcasting stations.”

Next, Kim Cheong asked, “Friend. Please tell me. When I was young, I was silent and quiet, right?” Accordingly, Seonwoo Jae-deok said, “Who is?” and made a laugh. Next, Jae-deok Seon brought out his elementary school graduation album and conveyed detailed memories of Kim Cheong.

So Park Won-sook asked Seonwoo Jae-deok, “How do you know all that?”

Then Kim Cheong revealed, “Hey, I liked me when I was young.” In response, Seonwoo Jae-deok mentioned Kim Cheong’s popularity in the past, saying, “Cheong-i couldn’t even have boys next to him when he was young. Because it’s a princess.”

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