The Jacksonville Jaguars have banned two of their best defensive players.

Jacksonville banned corner-ball Jalen Ramsey and defensive end Dante Fowler for a week for "injurious team rules and inappropriate behavior of a Jaguar footballer," the team announced Sunday.

Under the suspension, no player will be available to practice this week or play at the next game of Pikes against the Vikings on Saturday.

Ramsey played briefly in Jacksonville preseason opener against the New Orleans Saints on Thursday. Fowler was just activated by the list of physically disabled people on Saturday.

NFL network insider Ian Rapoport said Ramsey's suspension was a direct result of the cornerback that followed a local reporter on Twitter on Sunday.

Fowler was involved in a fight that broke out on Sunday at Jaguar training. The brawl was documented by the Beat Scribe, and Ramsey responded to the reporter with the following tweet.

Ramsey issued this tweet in response to the suspension:


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