Jakarta 2022 Formula E tickets are almost sold out, Ancol Festival class remains – Jakarta 2022 Formula E tickets almost sold out aka sold out. Only Ancol Festival classes are still available in limited quantities.

In a few days, the Formula E racing event in Jakarta or which has the official name Jakarta E-Prix 2022 will be held.

Formula E Jakarta is scheduled to take place at the Jakarta International E-Prix Circuit (JIEC), Ancol, Jakarta, on Saturday (4/6/2022).

The Jakarta E-Prix is ​​the ninth series in the 2022 Formula E racing calendar.

Previously, the racer had finished the race in Berlin, Germany, on May 15, 2022.

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Ahead of the Jakarta Formula E event, various preparations have been made to make the electric car racing event a success.

A few days ago, the logistics of the race, including 22 electric cars, arrived in the country.

The cars were first deposited at the Jakarta International Stadium (JIS) before being assembled in Ancol.

For tickets, the organizing committee provides 60,000 sheets which are divided into four categories, namely VIP, Grandstand, Circuit Festival, and Ancol Festival.

Tickets to watch Formula E at the Jakarta International E-Prix Circuit, Ancol, can be purchased since May 1, 2022.

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However, not all of these tickets can be purchased directly at the race venue on the spot.

Facilities Director of PT Jakarta Propertindo (Jakpro) as well as Vice Managing Director of Formula E Gunung Kartiko, said that only festival-type tickets will be sold. on the spot on the 4th of June.

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On the spot maybe it’s just a festival,” said Gunung at the Pullman Hotel Jakarta on Sunday (29/5/2022), quoted from Megapolitan Kompas.

The two types of festival tickets are the Ancol Festival (Rp 250,000), which is the cheapest category, and the Circuit Festival (Rp 450,000).

According to Gunung Kartiko’s narrative, the Circuit Festival class is almost finished. Meanwhile, 70-80 percent of the Ancol Festival classes are still available.

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“But now the position is almost full so it’s most likely, it’s just a matter of what on the spot only Ancol Festival remains,” he said.

“Usually visitors to Ancol D-1 or on the D-day. He wants to go to Ancol, he opens the app and buys it, it’s rare when we see that, for example, I want to go to Ancol next week and buy tickets now,” said Gunung.

Meanwhile, PT Jakpro President Director Widi Amanasto has also reported that there are only a few tickets left for Formula E Jakarta.

“Tickets have been sold out, yes, there are only a few left,” said Widi in the HI Roundabout area during car free day (CFD), last Sunday.

(Source: Mashabi | Editor: Sabrina Asril)

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