Jakarta Formula E Tickets Sold Out, Only Ancol Festival Class Remains

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The sale of tickets for the Jakarta Formula E race has been completely sold out, leaving only the Festival tickets, which are also almost sold out.

PT Jakarta Propertindo (Jakpro) Business Director Gunung Kartiko said that the ticket for the Festival Circuit class had a quota of 20 thousand tickets, which were almost sold out.

As for the VIP class tickets, a few weeks ago they were sold out. Meanwhile, VVIP with two categories, namely Royal, has run out and Delux still has a few left.

The tickets for the grand stand are close to being sold out, some even can’t buy them online. “But we will make sure that once there are some who cancel, we will immediately release them,” said Gunung Kartiko during a press conference, Sunday, May 29, 2022.

Ticket buyers are now only given 1×24 hours to pay for tickets that have been ordered. Previously, the committee gave 3×24 hours. So if it is not paid immediately, tickets will be re-released for sale. If it is not paid immediately it will be automatically canceled and re-released.

“For the grand stand, it has been sold out, while for the Festival Circuit, there are still a few, not many, but there are still quite a lot of enthusiasts,” said Gunung.

However, Gunung continued, there are also tickets for the Ancol Festival category. The tickets are sold in collaboration with Ancol, can be purchased through Ancol Apps as well as its website. “Through the application we can too.” Sales also, said Gunung, continued to rise. “God willing, our target is 40 thousand tickets at the Ancol Festival will also be sold out,” he said.

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The committee also takes advantage of the motorized vehicle-free day (HBKB) or car free day in the HI Roundabout area to sell tickets to watch Formula E live in Ancol. At that location there is a replica of a Formula E racing car on display in front of the Thamrin Police Station.

At the car free day event on Sunday, it was seen that the staff from Formula E Jakarta offered Festival class tickets which were sold for IDR 250 thousand.

It is important to note that on the day of the Formula E race at the Jakarta International Eprix Circuit, only Formula E ticket holders can enter Ancol on Saturday 4 June 2022.

PT Pembangunan Jaya Ancol Corporate Communication Ariyadi Eko Nugroho stated that on that date, Ancol and all recreational units in it were not open to the public.

“Those who can enter Ancol are only for Jakarta E-Prix ticket holders. Tickets are only sold through e-Prix,” he said, quoted on his official website, Monday, May 22, 2022.

Ancol visitors can buy Ancol Festival tickets to be able to enjoy all Ancol recreation units such as Dunia Fantasi, Seaworld Ancol, Ocean Dream Samudra, and Atlantis Water Adventures while being able to enjoy several big screen spots watching Jakarta Eprix 2022.

For June 5 onwards, Ancol all recreational units in it have been reopened after the Jakarta Formula E race event.

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