Jakarta’s Formula E Sponsors or Partners: from Saudi Arabian Airlines to Beer Companies

TRIBUN-TIMUR.COM – event Formula E electric car race starting in 2 weeks it will be held at Ancol Sirkuit Circuit, North Jakarta.

As scheduled, this world-class event will take place on Saturday (4/6/2022), in a series of events DKI Jakarta’s 494th birthday.

Ahead of the Formula E event, sponsors are in the spotlight because the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government as the host is still trying to approach a number of companies, including BUMN.

The chairman of the Jakarta Formula E Executive Committee, Ahmad Sahroni, expressed his hope that one of the state-owned enterprises would become a sponsor of the Jakarta E-Prix or the 2022 Jakarta E-Prix.

“We hope that BUMN will provide sponsors,” he said when met at the location of the Formula E Jakarta circuit, Ancol, North Jakarta, Thursday (19/5/2022) as quoted from

In the same place, Managing Director of Formula E Jakarta, Gunung Kartiko explained, currently the implementation of Formula E has various sponsors which cannot be published in detail.

Gunung only mentioned that the sponsors of the electric car racing event came from various industries.

“Alhamdulillah sponsorship there are already some, quite a lot. From the industry side, I can say that there are quite a variety of our sponsors,” added Gunung said.

Gunung said sponsors were from local banks, private banks, and digital companies.

“Then electricity companyYes, electricity companies, FnB (food and beverage) there are also several, we also have hospitality hospitality, then in terms of health there are, telco companyand automotive,” said Gunung said.

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