Jakpro Talks about Formula E Jakarta’s revenue, how much is the profit?

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – PT Jakarta Propertindo (Jakpro) recently talked about the income it got after holding Formula E Jakarta last weekend. According to them the profit is still being calculated.

This was conveyed directly by the President Director of Jakpro, Widi Amanasto. Until now, he has not estimated how much profit he will get in the Formula E Jakarta event.

“It’s being counted now, including from sponsors, it’s being counted, everything is reconciled,” said Widi, as quoted by Antara from news site Between today, Wednesday, June 8, 2022.

Widi himself said that his party was currently dismantling several facilities used by Formula E Ancol. Therefore, Jakpro has not been able to provide information regarding the benefits obtained from the electric car racing event.

“We ‘dismantle’ (unload) the others first, what we rent, we return, the assets,” Widi added.

Ancol Formula E tickets are known to have sold 60,000 from various categories. Meanwhile, the number of spectators who came directly to the Jakarta International E-Prix Circuit was only 22 thousand people.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Jakarta Formula E Organizing Committee, Ahmad Sahroni, explained that the cost of organizing this international electric car race reached Rp. 120 billion to Rp. 130 billion.

“For the asphalt alone, it’s almost Rp. 60 billion, the rest is the construction of a ‘grandstand’ and all that stuff,” explained Ahmad Sahroni.

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