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James Corden and Ariana Grande can not stop breaking into a cursed space of escape – Watch!

Just keep breathing, Ariana!

To celebrate the spirit of Halloween, James Corden and Ariana Grande put their nerves to the test, trying to weather the horror of a haunted nightmarish escape, and things were even worse than expected.

On Tuesdays The Late Late Show, Corden gave fans a look at their calamity – which was filmed in August when the sweetener Singer joined the talk show host for a fun installation of "Carpool Karaoke".

"I love being scared, I think it's so much fun," said Grande Corden in the pre-recorded segment, discussing why she loves Halloween.

"You enjoy being so scared you like escape dreams, and things like that, right?" Asked Corden.

"I go into haunted houses as a haunted house, and usually, crawl space is not so scary," she replied, her words full of foreboding. "But I love escape dreams, we should do one!"

Corden, who admitted that he had never participated in an escape-space experience before, went into it with nerves already nervous. And while Grande seemed calm and collected before entering the "ghost room," her cool demeanor did not last long.

As soon as they entered the room, they were immediately submerged in darkness. To make the most of their adventure, black and white night vision cameras were required. And the scary, pitch-black hallway made the singer think at first.

"They told me this was a space of escape, not hell," asked a trembling Grande Corden, who seems to get very ticklish when he's scared. "What's this?"

In their opinion, the room they had chosen seemed to be a mixture of their traditional escape hall – filled with confused ones that need to be solved to leave – crossed with the horror and psychological horror of a horror labyrinth.

After it took some time to get past her first puzzle, the frightened duo opened a door to a room that looked like a twisted version of a nursery, complete with bunk beds.

Just when they retired, an actor – dressed like the wet ghost girl The ring – jumped up from one of the beds, making Corden and Grande their first big fear before running out of the room as the couple ducked in a corner.

"You're a bitch!!" Grande yelled at the "ghost" as he fled the room.

The adventure continued as the two moved through the various areas of the space of escape, screaming and screaming as eerie noises and mysterious fogs were occasionally fed to make them worse.

However, their fearsome journey reached a climax as Grande and Corden discovered behind a fireplace a hidden basement containing a huge rotating column and a thoughtful puzzle on the wall.

Despite all the effort, the two obviously had the puzzle wrong and were punished with a terrifying, slender, human-like creature that crawled on hands and knees into the dark room and began chasing them around in the tiny basement.

At that point, most of the time the sound was just screaming and beeping cursing as the duo melted together and decided to just run out of the basement. However, when she wanted to run away, Grande fell heavily.

The segment then switched to Corden and Grande, who returned to the SUV. The singer wore a white bandage around her hand, answering the riddle that came months ago of how Grande had hurt herself while filming "Carpool Karaoke".

In August, Grande tweeted a photograph of her bandaged hand and said the injury had occurred while filming the segment. However, when their contribution "Carpool Karaoke" aired, the accident and the association were never addressed. As it turned out, they have saved this special part of the package for Halloween.

"Are you alright?" Corden Grande asked with a laugh as they climbed back into the SUV.

"Yes, I will, that was traumatic," Grande shot back before holding up her gauze-wrapped hand. "But I will not lie, will not I look tough?"

Regarding the escape room, Grande said she was already in their hundreds, and none of them was as nightmarish as the one they had tried. "This is not a refuge," she explained. "This is one of the seven gates to hell."

For more information about Grande's "Carpool Karaoke" segment, which was filmed months before her performance by Pete Davidson, see the video below.



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