James Harden’s amazing and unique birthday party this weekend!

To celebrate his 32 candles, which he blew out on August 26, James Harden organized a birthday party with a concept as crazy as it is unique. We present the thing to you, with the rare images that have leaked.

When you think of revelers in the NBA, James Harden is one of the first names to come to mind. A true night king, the Bearded Man already doesn’t need a special occasion to go out and fuck – so when his birthday comes, he does things really big. It is on the side of Houston that the star of the Nets has invited his friends for a themed evening… Astroworld. Remember that this is the title of Travis Scott’s famous album released in 2018, of which here is the cover:

Harden was inspired by this cover for the entrance to his party, and as much to say that it is rather successful:

Inside, to stick to the theme, a mini “theme park” has been recreated, with circuit, panels and everything that goes with it. Unfortunately, we do not know more about the evening itself, the phones having been banned for the reasons we imagine. But there is complete confidence in James Harden for giving his handpicked guests an unforgettable celebration.

This concludes the festive sequence of the Bearded Man, who will have celebrated his 32 years as it should. Another highlight to remember, of course, is the huge gift his great friend Russell Westbrook gave him for the occasion. Now all that remains is to sweat the excess and get back in shape for the start of training camp, which begins in barely a month.

After a frustrating 2021 playoffs marked by several injuries, the Nets will be expected at the turn for this campaign. This is all the more true after the cash declaration of Harden himself, who recently claimed that Brooklyn would have largely triumphed if the health glitches had not intervened.

In his image, James Harden released a unique party for his birthday. Despite the security around the event, we would not be against seeing some stories or clichés of the festivities… You never know.


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