James Harrison, historic defensive Pittsburgh, announced his retirement

James Harrison, historic defensive Pittsburgh, announced his retirement

James Harrison retires a second time from the NFL, and this seems to be the definitive . He pass rusher 39 years old, a legendary member of the Pittsburgh Steelers , announced on Instagram on Monday that his career has ended. “I’ve missed too much for too long. I finished. Thank you very much to my family, the coaches, the fans and all those who played a role in my life in American football “, wrote. Harrison, who turns 40 next month, previously regretted hanging tennis in 2014, when he returned to the Steelers less than three weeks after retiring. If this is really the end, the pass-rusher concludes an amazing trip by the NFL . The product of Kent State was not selected in the 2002 Draft , because most teams believed that it was too small to be defensive. To prove himself, Harrison played for the Rhein Fire of the NFL Europe in 2003. Eventually it became Defensive Player of the Year of the NFL, five times he was called to the Pro Bowl and twice he was selected first team All-Pro playing with Pittsburgh. As a relentless defensive with the brute strength of 45 grizzly bears and a good first step, Harrison made his way to become the all-time leader of the Pittsburgh Steelers with 80.5 sacks . Harrison played his first 10 seasons in the NFL with the Steelers before a sabbatical year with the Cincinnati Bengals (where he detested and mocked Hard Knocks cameras). The linebacker then returned to Pittsburgh in 2014, where he played until he was cut midway through last season. Harrison signed with the famous rivals New Englando Patriots for the final stretch. He was a starter in the defeat of Super Bowl LII with the Pats . Harrison will be remembered as one of the Steelers’ all-time greats who worked ruthlessly to transform his forgotten training camp guest career to one of the pass rushers most dominant at its best.

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