James Hetfield sells land in Arizona for $ 1.2 million

In 1998, James Hetfield decided to escape from San Francisco to buy land in Arizona and get away from the world. Today, those lands have been sold and thanks to the capital gain of the place, they have left him a fabulous profit of $ 1.2 million.

The report comes through TMZ, who assure that the leader of Metallica He won the real estate game again by ditching this once-a-retirement plot of land.

“¿But I withdraw from what? ” You may wonder. Well, at the end of the 90s the wave “woke”Were beginning to be born in the SF Bay Area, and various new thoughts collided with the traditional lifestyle of Hetfield.

As you may recall, by the early two thousand James He was harshly criticized on the internet for his passion for hunting, his fanaticism for muscle cars and other things.

So just Hetfield he got fed up with this lofty posture everyone had towards him and his traditions and just decided to walk away.

And although he eventually did, he never actually accomplished that personal endeavor in Arizona, so basically the land was left unused (partially) and today in the middle of 2021, the area of Pima now he will witness large real estate projects as the musician sold no more and no less than 20 acres.

Definitely one of the most important real estate movements in music. Hetfield he knows how to invest, he knows how to buy and he knows how to sell.

Is there something this man can’t do?