“James Jirayu” is not serious. Drama Jin “Toey Jarinporn” Clearjad “Foam”, his girlfriend is sitting with him.

“James Jirayu” pointed out the drama, the close picture of Toei Jarinporn, people who should not look because James has a girlfriend. Referred to as not serious, clear, clear “foam” girlfriend sitting with

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from the dramatic case where the female protagonist Toey Jarinporn came out to post pictures and clips playing with the young hero James Jirayu In a very intimate manner, there are moments of teasing each other. The fans came together to comment on Jin. Look at this couple. So cute. Good chemistry.

but at the same time There were fans on the other side who came back to respond. because he sees that young James has a boyfriend Any comments should be respected for the fans of the other party. Pity his true fans.

Latest 20 Nov. James He opened up about the matter that he was already close to Toei. And that day they went to eat normally. Which is not serious or worried about the current trend, because Saofoam, her boyfriend, went too.

Asked about the close picture of James-Toey that is a drama. How have we seen the trend about this?

“Honestly, I haven’t seen any drama at all myself, but I’ve heard it too. It’s a busy time. It’s like I just got back to work and saw that people were talking over and over. I didn’t see it in the comments. Most of them will hear it.”

Seriously, when it’s a drama with a friend?

“Not serious. because it went to eat We went to eat together and didn’t think much that we had to be careful. are friends But it’s a good thing because we’ll have a drama together. Selling stuff again. Lots of work.”

Have you talked to Toei about this issue?

“I didn’t talk at all. Most of them talk about other people’s issues, oops, it’s off again (laughs). I haven’t talked about this issue, I feel like it’s not a big issue.”

Many people will think that James has a boyfriend, but there are too intimate pictures here, how do we look?

“I didn’t look at all. Like that day, we went to eat together, my girlfriend went, and Toei went as if they knew each other and were close, so there was no problem.”

Well, personally, me and Toey are already very close?

“Yes, they are very close. I’m a Toei teacher.”

Worried about another drama? If in the future there will be more pictures of intimacy with Toei like this?

“I’m not worried about anything. I’m worried about the drama (have you started filming yet?), so I don’t know how it will turn out.”