The FA will investigate a social media post by James McClean after the draw of Stoke City against Middlesbrough on Saturday.

McClean could be billed by the FA and subsequently face a fine and / or ban.

Footage posted on social media showed that Middlesbrough fans were hurled in a corner of Stokes best365 Stadium against the Republic of Ireland national team, who came on as a late substitute on Saturday afternoon in a 0-0 draw between the two sides.

As McClean made his way to the player tunnel, Middlesbrough's followers expanded the winger and unleashed contagion as stewards pushed a number of fans – all men – back off the perimeter fence.

Late on Saturday night, McClean, who was also booed by some home fans, responded with a quote from IRA man and MP Bobby Sands, who died on a hunger strike in 1981.

"They have nothing in their entire imperial arsenal that can break the mind of an Irishman who does not want to be broken," McClean wrote quoting Sands.

He continued, "Your abuse, your throwing, your booming, your bad doing … the home fans who are really trained and support me, thanks.

"To the section of uneducated cavemen in the left corner of the Boothen End booth who want to sing their anti-Irish song every game and call me a Fenian, this and that … I'm a PROUD FENIAN. will ever change that, so sing away. "

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