Jamie Lee Curtis goes to the Museum of Anthropology and Piedra del Sol – N+

One of the most recognized horror movie sagas is Halloween. In these films, one of the main stars is the actress Jamie Lee Curtiswho was in the CDMX and visited the Anthropology Museum.

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As part of the promotional tour for the thirteenth film in the franchise, which will be named after Halloween Ends, Lee Curtis arrived at the CDMX and was in the Anthropology Museum in what she considered “the first moment of culture”, this despite having already been in France, near the Eiffel Tower, although she could only see it from the window of her car.

Jamie Lee noted that she visited the Anthropology Museum after his work activities and dedicated a few words and image to the Sun stone.

“[…] Today I was able to visit the Museum of Anthropology after my work and see the Stone of the Sun, the most important object of the Mexicas, and I had a short meal with the Mexican Universal team, “said the actress in her publication.

In the photos shared by the actress, Lee Curtis can be seen in the museum, in a meeting with several people and the well-known Stone of the Sun, also known as the Aztec calendar.

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