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Jamina and Stian Blipp: – Therefore he wants to sterilize himself

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A couple of months ago, it became known that Jamina Blipp (31) and Stian Blipp (31) are expecting their second child. The good news was shared by the couple on National Day.

“Latest news from the stomach: There is a new Blipp comin!”, They both wrote at the time in a post on Instagram on their respective accounts.

– Spit like a pig

Later it became known that it is a boy they are expecting. The couple already has a daughter, Noelle (2).

In Sunday’s episode of the “G-spot” podcast, Jamina is a guest, and there she openly talks about low self-esteem during pregnancy, and about Stian’s very special choices.

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Takes one for the team

The choice she is talking about may surprise some. Jamina says that she became pregnant barely two weeks after she had taken out the IUD, but is determined on one thing:

– It will not come in again, she says and continues:

– Now there is a snippet of Stian (sterilization journ.anm.), And you know what, I think it’s so cool that he is part of it.

This is what he says about the

This is what he says about the “Late Night” ending

The 31-year-old admits that after being pregnant for almost two years and on the contraceptive pill “all her life”, she said that it was now his turn to take one for the team. However, it was all right for Stian.

It should be said that sterilization of men sounds worse than it really is. The procedure itself should be fairly quick and painless, and involves the sperm ducts being cut or burned into the groin.

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It is common to experience soreness in the first few days, but most people return to normal activity after a week. After the operation, you will still ejaculate as normal, but the ejaculation will not contain sperm that can fertilize eggs.

Should you regret a sterilization, you can have a refertilization performed, by sewing the spermatic tubes together again.

Stian Blipp himself has discussed the content of this case on Instagram. Stian and Jamina have nothing to add about the sterilization at the moment.

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– I knew I wanted to be a mom, but I did not know that I would hate being pregnant.

That’s what Jamina says in the podcast.

Detected vandalism on the car: - Boring

Detected vandalism on the car: – Boring

To Dagbladet, the future mother of two explains that the word “hate” is a bit strong, but that she absolutely does not like being pregnant.

– I love being a mom more than anything else, but just getting pregnant is not something for me.

She justifies it with the fact that she usually has quite good control of her head and mind, but when she gets pregnant she gets a lot of negative thoughts about, among other things, her body.

– The body changed so extremely quickly, so it’s just as if the head does not have time to keep up with the ride. I am used to having good self-confidence and being comfortable in my own body, but when I am pregnant it feels like the body and the head are two completely different people!

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Seek help

Jamina says that it is tiring to be insecure, and that it affects both everyday life and the relationship.

– Self-confidence is one of the most charming things I know about. And when it is at times quite far down, it also does something with the mood.

- A little heavier this round

– A little heavier this round

When she was pregnant with her daughter Noelle, she sought help to cope with the bad thoughts. She’s glad she did:

– Yes, absolutely, the health station is super good at this. I have decided to talk to someone this time as well. It helped a lot last time, and I hope it does now as well.

She adds that it helps to talk to her husband, and describes him as a hobby psychologist, best friend and boyfriend. But Jamina emphasizes that there are also many nice days where she forgets the awkward thoughts, which she thinks is very nice.

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