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The scandal that arose as a result of the cancellation of the Jamming Festival seems not to end. The tenth edition of the event, which was going to take place in Ibagué, was postponed one day before it began, which generated all kinds of discomfort for the attendees and the commercial and tourist sector of the city.

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As a result, the organizers of the event announced that they would return the money from the tickets and that they would look for alternatives to help the business that was associated with the event.

However, through social networks, different users have complained of not having any response from the organization. Recently, Luis Alberto Casallas, one of the owners of the Jamming Festival, He told ‘Noticias RCN’ that his son Alejandro had begun to receive threats from supporters of the event.

The threats, according to the organizer, are related to the fact that the event “had lost its essence” since in its 2022 version it did not have many representatives of reggae, the central genre of the festival.

What happened is that the members of these gangs canceled because of personal convictions they are not vaccinated against covid-19 and upon entering the country they demanded the scheme”, he told the quoted media.

However, he also assured that he was surprised that with 4 days left for the event, the logistics company resigned. His intention, he said, is to repair the damage. They know that there were other cancellations, like that of Vicentico, because he got sick, but he argued that all the groups were paid, “because the artists do not make a promotion or appear without having consigned resources.”

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For him, canceling the event was the most responsible decision. He also assured that they have debts of 29,000 million pesos. Therefore, he hopes to reach agreements with the artists, the sponsors of the event and the attendees. The latter owes 700 million pesos.

We are showing our faces and we are not thieves”, Casallas pointed out.


One of the sectors that had the most impact due to this decision is the hotel industry, which had about 12 thousand beds for visitors of the city that would attend the event.

“The city was ready to receive more than 50,000 people this weekend, we had prepared the increase in force, security, the road issue, everything had been duly organized,” said Greis Cifuentes, secretary of Culture of Ibagué.

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“The total losses (for the city) could be in the 20,000 million pesos, that is an estimate”, commented Efraín Valencia, president of Fenalco, adding that most of the commercial sectors had invested to be in tune with the event.