Jan the sloth celebrates his 51st birthday at the Krefeld Zoo – SWR3

Jan the sloth celebrates his 51st birthday at the Krefeld Zoo on Friday – or something like that. His exact date of birth is not known and he doesn’t really let it rip. Jan is rather shy and a loner.

Jan’s date of birth has been set for April 30, 1970. “But nobody really knows,” says Petra Schwinn from Krefeld Zoo. Nevertheless, Jan is the oldest zoo sloth in the world – with his own certificate.

Until last year, the sloth Paula from the Halle mountain zoo was considered the oldest sloth in the world. Paula died in August 2020 at the age of 51.

From the Hagenbeck Zoo to the Krefeld Zoo

Two-toed sloth Jan comes from the wild. It was about six months to a year old when it first came to the Hagenbeck Zoo in Hamburg in December 1970. Jan later moved to Krefeld. He has lived there quietly for 35 years.

The photo shoot with Jan the sloth lasted weeks

Jan is extremely shy, according to the Krefeld Zoo. A photo shoot for the Guinness Book of Records took a correspondingly long time – several weeks because Jan simply did not show up.

“He is shy of cameras and people, and is also active at night,” says Petra Schwinn. Jan now has his certified certificate as the oldest zoo sloth in the world.

Jan the sloth is a loner and prefers to eat grapes

In his small group of sloths, Jan takes it easy. According to the zoo, it feeds on leaves, vegetables and fruits. “Grapes are high on his popularity list.“The zoo is not planning anything for a birthday. Jan is not a “party animal”, but the opposite: a loner.

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