Jana Werichová: The famous father’s daughter succumbed to alcohol, but he aroused aggression in her

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Jan Werich’s secret son: He showed us a souvenir after his father. What else connects Jiří Werich Petrášek with his famous father?

The family of Jan Werich

The famous actor never enjoyed a complete family. Shortly after Jan’s birth, his parents divorced. Education and care fell to Father Wroclaw. However, with the advent of the First World War, he had to enlist, so Jan moved to his mother Gabriela for a while. At that time, he realized how much he regretted being an only child.

I was an only child, and it’s a terrible thing to be an only child.I had no one to argue with, no one to fight with, there were no children around, not many people came to us and Christmas looked like that, “ written by Jan Werich in a book Everything is different. He found a real friend and colleague only at Masaryk’s grammar school in Prague, because he was there introduced Jiří Voskovec.

Jan Werich and his villa in Kampa: The actor claimed that the spirit of Josef Dobrovský was raging in it

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Jan Werich and his villa in Kampa: The actor claimed that the spirit of Josef Dobrovský was raging in it

Werich, Voskovec and the Nazis

The famous couple originally only wanted to entertain the audience. But when she appeared on the horizon threat of Nazismresorted to political satire. For example, in the game Donkey and Shadow from 1933 warned against leaders who can manipulate the crowds. This was frowned upon by the German embassy, ​​which responded with loud protests.

It was founded two years later A ballad of rags, which was one of the bravest anti-Nazi pieces. In 1938, however, both gentlemen began to sound the alarm, in the plays Těžká Barbora and Pěst. The last straw was the Head against Mihuli, where the Interior Ministry has already banned it. It was shortly after the Munich Conference, which handed over the Sudetenland to Hitler. In November of the same year was banned the whole Liberated Theater. He preferred not to expect anything and Voskovec emigrated to the USA on New Year’s Eve. Hedgehog and Werich followed him a few days later.

The emperor's baker

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The Emperor’s Baker: The StB deployed her husband to Werich. What did he manage to find out?

Jan Werich’s complicated relationship with his daughter

He never found his way to his daughter Jana. His wife Zdeněk mentioned it in the biography How was it all, Mr. Werich? that he might have left her alone in a car parked in a street she didn’t know. During these long moments, she was bored and shivering with cold. As she grew older, he drove away all suitors from her. According to Janin’s former colleague Jiří Sehnal, he could not bear the fact that he was no longer the center of attention.

Jana Werichová got married when she was thirty, and after the collapse of her marriage she became addicted to alcohol. Yet she understood her father better than her mother. She is said to have regretted that she was born at all. And when Jana still found a cancer, she had no reason to stop drinking.

Alcohol aroused aggression in her. Karel Koliš, who was helping them at the time, confided that she once started her own father chasing with an ax in his hand at the cottage in Velhartice. Werich even had to hide and wait for Jana to calm down. She eventually survived him for only seven months. Cervical cancer was fatal for her. Jana Werichová died on May 9, 1981 at the age of 45.

Sources of information: Jan Werich, Jana Werichová Voskovec and Werich were on Hitler like a sleigh. They then had to flee to America before the executioner

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