Jana’s story: She was attracted to inaccessible men, she thought she would break them. Now she is learning to love herself

“I was attracted to men who were a challenge for me, they were inaccessible, I felt it was a win,” says Jana in the series Your Balance. She got into relationships that didn’t work and ended similarly. She felt she had to try and then deserved love, attention and care. She experienced a painful breakup and realized that she was repeating her behavior and that it did not suit her. After listening to the podcast, she was attracted to the therapist and sought his help.

“I suppressed my needs, I put more into the relationship.” Jana was frustrated with her partner’s failures, looking for a mistake in herself. She told herself that she might not be pretty, interesting or smart enough for her partners, she felt insufficient.

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As a teenager, she had severe acne that could not be treated, and the boys insulted her severely. As she went into therapy, she realized that she had to straighten her relationship with herself and love herself. She also had to open up the awkward topic of her relationship with her parents. She wanted to reduce the thoughts that devalued, criticized, and hindered her life.

“I had a hard time breaking the first big break, I woke up crying.” One night, Jana decided to see a therapist. However, it was financially demanding for the student, so she only got into therapy after a while. Today, he perceives shifts in therapy, imagining them as lithospheric plates that are slowly moving and forming a new continent. Her emotionally strong reactions to unpleasant situations have improved.

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Play the whole story of Jana about unhappy relationships and the path to a solution in therapy.

Your Balanc is a special series podcastu Balanc, which focuses on self-development and mental health. The complementary series offers the stories of five of his listeners, who were inspired by the show to change their lives. You will hear about heart transplants, a blind girl, gambling addiction and marijuana, high sensitivity and demanding relationships.

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