Janet Barboza insults Rodrigo Cuba ampay Ale Venturo LIVE VIDEO: “You’re a badly done eyesore and a two-legged rat” entertainment | SHOWS

GODS WITH POLE. Janet Barboza did not tolerate the images of the ampay of Rodrigo Cuba with a woman in a nightclub in Piura and attacked the footballer for alleged infidelity to Ale Venturo. The host of ‘América Hoy’ insulted him by calling him a “two-legged rat.”

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“I’m untied, snatch and I’m going to tell you one thing, the cat Cuba for me you are a bad eyesore, it is a two-legged rat”, he said in front of cameras.

According to the popular ‘rulitos’, the prophecies are fulfilled and faster than one imagines, because everything comes to light over time. In the same way, Ethel Pozo did not hesitate to question the Sport Boys player.

This is a painful issue because there is a pregnant woman, who can be greatly affected by all this news. Why am I going to cry? I never intend to cry, I cried with Melissa and the cat because we were friends from the house, “she pointed out.

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Valeria Piazza assured that Rodrigo Cuba has indeed been unfaithful to Ale Venturo, since for her it is disrespectful that he appears kissing another woman’s neck in a nightclub in Piura. The host of ‘América Espectáculos’ also reproached the soccer player’s partner for being calm before the ampay.

“I have been reading on networks that say it was a dance, nothing has happened, it is not infidelity. I say, excuse me, but I do think differently, I think there is a lack of loyalty here anyway. I would call it an infidelity because I would not like my boyfriend to be so affectionate with another girl. I don’t know how they think at home, but that’s my opinion, ”she pointed out.

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