Janny van der Heijden open about sex life: ‘I don’t miss that’

Janny divorced her then husband more than twenty years ago and the presenter is still single to this day. Raven wonders if Janny ever feels lonely. “Of course I have a lot of friends around me and my children. I’m certainly not lonely. The only thing I don’t like on my own (..) is going out for dinner alone or something. Because then I feel like I’m being watched.” Raven also asks about the ‘physical’ part of Janny’s single existence. “You mean sex? Can you just say hear me,” she laughs. “Perhaps it is also the case that as you get older, that primary need is no longer primary,” concludes Janny. “I don’t miss that. Because if I did miss it, I would put more effort into it.”

Janny was not only candid about her sex life, but also about her near death experience. ‘Three four years’ after her divorce and the death of her parents, Janny came to the intensive care unit with severe pain in her chest. “Where I’ve really been on the verge of not being there anymore.” She calls it a “classic” death experience. “To hear them say, ‘We’re losing her, we’re losing her’. And to see yourself.” Janny says she stepped out of her body and saw herself lying there. “All the pain was completely gone. A kind of ultimate meditation,” she looks back on that one moment. She also explains that she would have been ‘absolutely at peace’ if she had died at that moment. “I’ve never been afraid of death, but from that experience I don’t think I have one at all.”

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2023-05-31 20:23:36